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Volume Magic

I teach you my favorite advanced styling techniques, unique mapping, 

I teach you my favorite advanced styling techniques, unique mapping, 

will elevate your

will elevate


my go to photo editing apps and tools, and how to take your client consultations to the next level. 

your artistry

my go to photo editing apps and tools, and how to take your client consultations to the next level. 

I struggled to know my adhesive and how it was supposed to be working, fan making was a nightmare, every client I had got the same exact style because i didn’t know any better, and my photos looked like garbage. In the last 5 years I have taken multiple lash courses, photo editing classes, business classes, and more. The investment in my education has allowed me to serve my students to the very best of my ability and help them find success in their lash journey. 

At the beginning of my lash career I didn’t know up from down. 

In this 2 day course we get down to the details, from finding your perfect pair of tweezers to perfecting your fanning technique. We will go over proper adhesive usage, client prep & set up, perfect mapping based on your clients natural features, picture taking & editing, and so much more. With a kit valued over $300 you will be ready to take clients confidently right away after class!

$1800 w/ $500 deposit 

2 day 1:1 mega lash magic

1 day of learning perfect mega volume fanning! we will practice different styling and mapping techniques, I will teach you my 2 favorite ways to create beautiful hand crafted mega volume fans, different ways to help you use your time more efficiently and so much more. *Small kit included 

$800 w/ $300 deposit 

Mega magic fan making course

In this 1 day workshop I will show you my favorite ways to use L & M curl lashes, textured lash mapping, and my favorite wet lash look. These advanced styling techniques will help you be more versatile and confident during your client consultations. You will be ready to tackle any new challenge after this workshop. *small kit included 

$869 w/ $300 deposit 

Mega lash magic art series

"The layout of class is perfect and the inspiration"

“Layne is an incredible teacher, her class changed the way I’ll do lashes forever. She’s clear, concise, and keeps instruction simple so it’s easy to pick up! The layout of class is perfect and the inspiration provided alone makes it 1000% worth it. Anyone in a slump or just in need of a spark take her class!”

"I can definitely say it changed my career as a lash artist"

“I took Layne’s 1:1 class last year and I can definitely say it changed my career as a lash artist. I wouldn’t be where I am without Layne. My books are now full and I’m not taking new clients. Not only is she a patient and kind teacher but she’s also just a great human. She will be your biggest cheerleader during and after the class. She’s there to answer any questions I have day or night and is always offering encouragement. My lashing has improved greatly and she introduced me to some amazing brands that I now use everyday! I couldn’t be more thankful!”

"Layne is the best!” 

“I will always be so thankful to Layne for all of her help when it came to progressing my lash journey. Not only did she provide a comfortable space for me to share all of my questions and concerns but she has also remained a contact for me to rely on outside of class. She helped me go from a timid lash artist to having the ability and confidence to build beautiful sets! Layne is the best!” 

"If it wasn’t for you I seriously would have quit lashing"

“I love YOU. You are by far the best instructor that I’ve had and probably ever. You made me feel so comfortable with myself and my skills. I will never be able to thank you enough. If it wasn’t for you I seriously would have quit lashing 🤣 thank you for your constant support and love. You truly care about everyone and are such a kindhearted person. I wanna be like you 🥺💖” 

If you would be more comfortable lashing a friend or family member you are more than welcome to supply your own model, if you are unable to do so or are traveling from out of town a model will be provided for you. 
*If supplying your own model please make sure they have abundant healthy natural lashes, can lay still for 4 hours, and are comfortable having their photo taken. 

do I have to bring my own model to class?

In order to become wizard lash certified you must be a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician, or 40% through your schooling. 
*Check the requirements in your state 

do I have to be licensed to train with you?

I specialize in teaching the “pinching” technique and the “rolling off the strip” technique. My students have had success with both but ultimately the pinching technique has been the fan favorite. 

what are the 2 fanning techniques you teach?

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