Mega Volume Lashes are going to be your New Best Friend.

Did you try lashes once over 5 years ago? Never went back because you had bad retention? They were uncomfortable? You hated laying there for 2+ hours? Etc etc. My number 1 goal is to create the most comfortable lash experience for my clients, with a cozy lash bed, customized taping techniques for maximum comfort, and flawless application I guarantee my clients an unforgettable experience. 

If you’ve been wanting to save time getting ready in the morning or you just wanna feel like an all around bad bitch you’ve come to the right place bby. I create something unique and custom for every one of my clients, factoring In your eye shape and the health of your natural lashes allows me to create a perfectly tailored to your full set experience. 


Trusted by the best of the best, we were honored to win best eyelash extensions of 2022 through Vagaro.

Charleston, South Carolina

Voted Vagaros Best Lashes 2022 

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Our Promise

A good lash service starts with quality products. I have spent the last 5 years finding top of the line products I am proud to offer my clients and students. From top of the line adhesive to the best tweezers in the game and everything in between. Wizard Lash co is proud to offer you the best of the best. 


We naturally shed 3-5 lashes every day, with the added drama of eyelash extensions we tend to notice the shedding more so than before. 

Will lash extensions make my natural lashes fall out? 

The simple answer is yes! You want to be washing your lashes twice daily with warm water and the recommended lash cleanser for optimal retention and lash health 

Can I get my lashes wet? 

With proper application and aftercare, lashes should be filled every 2-3 weeks 

How often will I need to get fills? 


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