I am a 27 year old Montana native, recently relocated to Charleston, SC. With over 5 years of experience in the lash industry, I have had the privilege of working with some of the best and baddest brands out there. I am an expert in Mega Volume, specializing in Textured Lashes and the Wet Lash look. I strive to give my clients customized full sets that will only enhance their natural beauty and flatter their unique eye shape. When I’m not with clients you can catch me at The Wizard Lash Academy teaching my favorite fanning techniques and styling tips n tricks. 

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I'm Layne

When I began my lash career in 2018 I struggled to navigate without much of a lash community in my small town. My work just seemed average and it didn’t excite me. As I began to expand my knowledge and branch out on social media I started to make connections with other lash artists around the world. These connections are what inspired me to break through creative barriers and try new things other artists in my community weren’t yet doing. In 2020 the Wizard Lash academy was born. My goal was to offer my students continued support after class and the community I so desperately craved at the beginning of my own career. Since 2020 I have successfully certified 6 lash artists in the art of mega volume and creative lash styling. 

Are you interested in being lashed or being trained in the art of mega volume and texture styling? Shoot me a message with your questions or request a discovery call.

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